I Want To Die In 2012

I Want To Die In 2012

Well now I've gone and done it... Found the day I want to die...

So this is my "Suicide" note for the World


I'm not going to "off" Myself, now or later, (to the best of my knowledge)

So don't get too happy.

What a way to start a new blog... Watching "Dexter" on Showtime and "The Nostradamus Effect" on the History Channel.


Great things come to those who watch T.V.

First off I don't think the timeline is "fixed." So this date in the future is irrelevant!

But if the 2012 shit is real, nobody is going to live for the next 40 years after it, anyway.

(Well that's the way hear it from the "Rumour Mill")

Don't get me Started on a Forum with no rebuke! Comment if you dare.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Y2K was worst than you think (Disasters in the year 2000)

So the year Two Thousand, 2000, Y2K

Well your alive and so am I! But does that mean we're all okay here on I'll make a note of disasters of the 21st century till the in of it all ( unless I die of old age )

"2000 earthquakes"
The following pages are in this category. This list may not reflect recent changes .

2000 Turkmenistan earthquake

2000 Baku earthquake

2000 Iceland earthquake

2000 Kipawa earthquake

2000 New Ireland earthquakes

2000 Sumatra earthquake

2000 Yunnan earthquake

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